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QT-WSI Soil Aggregate Analyzer

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QT-WSI soil aggregate analyzer can be used to soil sampling and analysis in laboratory.

The soil aggregate plays an important role in the soil fertility and water movement. A good aggregate structure has generally three characters: diverse pores, certain sizes and stability. The big pores permeate air and water and the small preserve water and fertilizer; the size too large or too small is unfavorable to the formation of appropriate pore proportion; and the certain stability includes water stability, mechanical stability and biological stability.

A good aggregate structure is the basis for soil fertility. The relationship of the aggregate structure and the soil fertility is manifested mainly in the following aspects: 1. Adjust the contradiction between soil moisture and air; 2. Coordinate the contradiction of soil nutrient consumption and accumulation; 3. Stabilize soil temperature and adjust the soil thermal conditions; 4. Improve the soil tilth and facilitate crop roots stretching.

   QT-WSI can precipitate soil particles of standard sizes without disturbing the soil aggregate. The meter have four analysis-tubs and five mesh-sieves with standard pores (2.0 mm, 1.0mm, 500μm, 250μm, 106μm). The mesh-sieves move up and down in the analysis-tubs, and five kinds aggregate of particles are precipitated.



Ÿ   Test four samples at the same time;

Ÿ   Clock control: set test time before operating, and the meter stop on time;

Ÿ   The vibrating frequency is controlled by the transducer, which is digital displaying and adjustable;

Ÿ   The snap-fit connection and special mechanism make it more convenient to install the mesh-sieve components, and ensure the relative locations of four analysis-tubs and mesh-sieves;

Ÿ   Perform stable, operate steady, low noise, long life;

Ÿ   The QT-WSI020 can perform thermostatic test on the samples in the four analysis-tubs at different temperature ranges at the same time. The temperature of each analysis-tub can be controlled independently, and displayed digitally.  



Meter Size

L660×W510×H1400 mm

Analysis-tub Size

Ø200×H400 mm 

Mesh-sieve Size

Ø150×H45 mm, 5 per set

Mesh-sieve Aperture

2.0mm, 1.0mm, 500μm, 250μm, 106μm

Vibrating Frequency

30/min (adjustable)

Vibrating Width

38 mm

Power Source

AC 220V 16A


75 kg

Thermostatic Tank Dimensions


Thermostatic Tank Material

SUS304 stainless steel

Heater (only QT-WSI020)



Origin: China